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i just wanna fuck and i don't want no romance.

to l.j.

i've been up and down. well i got a new job at the mall. it blows but it isn't bad especially sine i don't do much. i dressed up as a cowboy for this halloween party it was chill. i was digging that scene i saw some familiar faces nancy, stacy, terre.
oh yeah the vibrators show was cool i took some E and it moved me. fucked all night long. i got real stoned last night. i was nodding and everything pretty shaky.
the worse thing that happen lately was i lost a friend and gained an enemy. i mean it was unavoidable. but it doesn't matter i lost all respect for that person a real stubborn arrogant muthafucker. over something soo small.

i bought street fighter 2 turbo cus i loved that game growning up.

i got these kick ass boots no so long ago.
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livejournal has got so dull.
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