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dahmer does that mean that your a citizen now?

yesterday was pretty fun. i hung out with sergio, i haven't really seen him in a while he called me outta nowhere, i was home watching t.v. and eating some in n out. we hung out at some girls house. I drank some Jack and Coke, smoked a couple of cigs and then for dessert sparked a couple of bowls. we were playing all these cool songs some Velvet Underground, some Bob Dylan, some Strokes ...etc. i woke up feeling pretty good.
skating yesterday wasn't so great i was nailing tricks but what pissed me off was i could'nt kickflip off this drop. how lame.

last saturday was better. it was all rock and roll.Fabi and i threw a party for her 21st birthday. it was booze, ladies good friends, some grass. and some real cool music. it ended around like 4 something i don't remember too much about it. jeff came so did spanky, stacy, tere, myra, kanani, luigi, ricky, louie, jesse, uriel, toni they're ladies, eder, diego.....etc it was good times. dancing & boozing.

the other weekends i've been going to the hear gallery when it was still around. and some other clubs to go out dancing. pretty good fun when you have a fake i.d.

i'm still working at that one place i've given away so much free stuff i should quit already i got myself a job lined up at some pizza place. pretty cool. now i'm deciding on getting a Honda Rebel for my starting bike.

be back whenever

much hate,
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