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Rot and Roll

the soda pop kids show last night was pretty hip. not enough people went though. and there was this one band who had bad singers too much pop! sounded like a girl. but they had a good tune that sounded real bluesy , r&b kinda like early rolling stones.
the bass player looked like a mixture between weird al yankovich and joey ramone i called him Wierd Ramonevich. also some other band had this real great looking female drummer. the singer from the soda pop kids gave me this fuck you look cus i bopped his head when he was on the crowd. hahaha there was this girl playing tamborine with the Pop Machine (not my style) she was real cute she gave me a feeling of all the people i had a crush on. it felt all cooked up, shot through a spike thru my vein, a nice warm feeling.

mixed with whiskey, rock and roll, couple of cigs, some sex it was a good night.

i might go see the stooges after all this tuesday. so i hope it goes through.
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