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The Stooges

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i ended up seeing the Stooges. it was free. it was a real cool show and i was on t.v. too. Iggy got in the crowd. they only played 5 songs, none from Raw Power.
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last night was a party in culver city i thought it was gonna be lame, cus it was gonna be mainly people around the age of 30+ but i saw some young people. some babe gave me her number and i kissed her.

on to something else.
"Sitting There Standing" by the chocolate watchband is my favorite song so far, but i was noticing how the main riff sounds familiar. then it came to me its the same lick from Elmore James' "Please Find My Baby". what a rip but it was put to good use. but its not a surprise, blues has the best licks, riff,..etc.
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